Tips for Nervous Pets on Bonfire Night

Many pet owners dread this time of year – as bangs, cracks and whizzes from the night sky terrorise their frightened pets. If that sounds familiar, you may find these practical tips and recommended products useful for both you and your pet in the week ahead!

Bonfire Night- Still time to take steps

  1. Now, in the days before Bonfire Night, start letting your cat out or taking your dog for a walk earlier in the evening so that they are used to a new routine rather than being stressed by a big change on the night.
  2. Consider using an Adaptil spray on your dog’s blankets and toys – this mimics the appeasing pheromones produced naturally by the mother and thus helps to calm your dog down
  3. For cats, Feliway sprays work in the same way.
  4. The Ralph Site Shop also stocks a Pet remedy Natural calming spray, which helps to relax your pet with a unique blend of calming essential oils.
  5. Build a safe, dark, comfortable den in a quiet place, and place your pet’s favourite toys, treats and blankets in it.
  6. Leave the door to the room where you have made this den open, or provide space for your pet to come and go freely – shutting your cat or dog in will only increase their stress levels.
  7. Lock or block any cat flaps so that your pet cannot escape, and provide a litter tray, plenty of food and water and a comfortable blanket.
  8. On Bonfire Night itself, shut all doors and windows, drawing curtains and blinds to keep the noise to a minimum.
  9. Spend some time sitting with your dog or cat, helping them to relax with music or the television. Check on outdoor pets regularly.
  10. Put extra hay and straw into your rabbit or guinea pig’s hutch to muffle the sound and provide a place to burrow. You can also use an upturned cardboard box with holes cut in one side and filled with hay as an extra hiding place for your pet.

With very best wishes from Shailen and The Ralph Site team

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