About The Ralph Site

The Ralph site is a non-profit website established to provide help and support after the loss of a precious pet.

The site was set up by veterinarian Shailen Jasani (MA VetMB MRCVS DipACVECC) in July 2011 after the loss of his beloved cat, Ralph, following a road accident in November 2010.

This site is dedicated to all animals that never fail to touch the hearts of so many people.
The Ralph Site - pet loss support

Welcome to The Ralph Site shop

Hello, and welcome to The Ralph Site shop which helps to support The Ralph Site, a non-profit resource. At this time the shop is an Amazon Affiliate store where you can browse and purchase the most popular items that are sold on Amazon. In the near future the shop will also be selling The Ralph […]

Finding the right words

Many of us who have lost a pet are comforted by the sentiment behind Rainbow Bridge, the peaceful place ‘this side of Heaven’ where pets wait to be reunited with their human friends. It is not known to whom this reassuring concept can first be attributed; we only know that throughout the 80s and 90s […]

Stone, More Than ‘Just’ a Cat

Lessons in pet bereavement: More than ‘just’ a cat Emma Heasman is a freelance copywriter who works from her home office. Stone was born in 1994 and died on Friday 22nd July 2016. She was Emma’s best friend, house mate and colleague (i.e. keyboard warmer and chief distractor) for almost 22 years. Gareth loved her […]