The Ralph Site 2015 Pet Memorials Calendar

The Ralph Site 2015 Pet Memorials Calendar celebrating and honouring our beloved pets

This is something that I have wanted to do for several years and thankfully the time has arrived. There are so many lovely photos of departed pets in the Memorials section of The Ralph Site and posted daily on the Facebook page. I think it will be lovely to have a calendar of pet memorial pictures for the year ahead and hopefully this is something that will become a tradition for years to come.

My one sadness is that it will not be possible to include all the pictures of all the pets but this should not take away from the fact that the  calendar is a reminder of and a tribute to all our beloved pets.

What do I need from you?

If you would like one of your departed pets to be considered for the calendar, please email ALL of the following information to

  1. Your favourite AND best quality picture of your departed or missing pet.
  2. Your pet’s name.
  3. The date your pet passed away (assuming this is known) or went missing.
  4. Your pet’s age when he/she passed away or went missing.
  5. A short one line sentence that you would like to be included with the photo.
  6. Would you be interested in buying one of these pet memorial calendars*?
  7. What size of calendar you would most prefer if you were to order one (e.g. a larger wall calendar, a smaller desktop calendar)*?
  8. If you were to buy one of the Ralph Site pet memorial calendars, how much would you be willing to spend*.

* PLEASE NOTE: The Ralph Site is a non-profit resource and in order for me to be able to progress this calendar idea I do need for there to be enough interest from the Ralph Site community. Having an idea of the level of interest and how much you would be willing to spend will help me to decide whether to progress the idea or not – of course I very much hope I will be able to!

** The deadline for submission of the information above is 13th November 2014.**

Ralph Site 2015 Pet Memorials Calendar

Thanks and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments (email or use the Contact form – Note: you cannot submit pictures via the Contact form).


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