Remembering a Lost Friend

Losing a pet is always painful, no matter how long you’ve been together. Losing a pet at Christmas is especially hard – it feels like the rest of the world is full of joy, whilst your world simply feels lonely and grey.

At times like this it can help to channel these feelings into something positive, by creating a memorial for your pet. Not only does this provide a focus for your grief, it also brings a tangible physical comfort. Our sister site, The Ralph Site, features a range of practical suggestions to help you capture the very special memories you have shared with your pet. Of course you may wish to celebrate your pet’s life in your own unique way, but here are some of the ways that other pet carers have chosen to remember their faithful companions:

  • Create a free online memorial on The Ralph Site by clicking here – you can include text, photos and videos of your pet.
  • Plant a bush, small tree or flowerbed or create a rockery, perhaps in your pet’s favourite outdoor spot.
  • Spread some ‘forget-me-not’ seeds or scatter the seeds of a favourite plant.
  • Fix a plaque onto a garden seat where you can sit and remember them fondly.
  • Create a scrapbook with photos, pictures drawn by children, sympathy cards or small mementos (e.g. a collar name tag). You can also include your personal memories of your pet, such as milestones and funny stories.
  • Make a charitable donation in honour of your pet – funding research into a cure or improved treatment for a related disease, or perhaps to an animal welfare organisation.
  • Have a cuddle cushion or fluffy blanket embroidered with your pet’s name
  • Commission a personalised memory stone for example here
  • Feature your pet’s name in your email address or online username

However you choose to remember your pet, remember that you’re not alone – you’ll find practical advice and comfort from your friends at The Ralph Site and its busy Facebook page.

With very best wishes, Shailen.

Pet Loss Memorials

One thought on “Remembering a Lost Friend

  1. Cathy

    It’s been nearly six weeks since Bella died and in many ways it’s worse now than before. The shock and disbelief has subsided a little and with a new year just begun, there’s now a bleak emptiness stretching endlessly ahead. I can’t envisage my world ever feeling right without her. The nine years we had with Bella seem so fleeting. I’m really, really hurting and the pain is unbearable.

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