It’s been nearly six weeks since Bella died and in …

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It’s been nearly six weeks since Bella died and in many ways it’s worse now than before. The shock and disbelief has subsided a little and with a new year just begun, there’s now a bleak emptiness stretching endlessly ahead. I can’t envisage my world ever feeling right without her. The nine years we had with Bella seem so fleeting. I’m really, really hurting and the pain is unbearable.

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Bereavement, grief and mourning: What’s the difference?
This was really helpful. My gorgeous 12 year old cavoodle died just 5 weeks ago and I’m really struggling. My heart aches for her every minute of the day. Words can’t describe how very much I miss her. A bleak emptiness fills our home and hearts . I have so much love for Bella but she’s not here anymore for me to show her. Tonight I mentioned to my husband that I want to “write” Bella’s story. This is still just an idea but I thought I could do it via a new Instagram account that will only have 2 followers, me and my husband. I’ll post a picture and description every couple of days from when we adopted her aged 3. I’m hoping I can pour some of my love for her into this project. I will mourn for her in a constructive way and think back to her happy life with us rather than endlessly replaying the last 3 weeks of her life with renal failure.