Onwards and Upwards for The Ralph Site!

Reflecting the spirit in which The Ralph Site was originally created, the community of friends and supporters who use its resources and share their own experiences and emotions with other bereaved carers has developed into something truly amazing.
Complementing the original website www.theralphsite.com are two Facebook pages, each serving different needs:

  • Our open-access Facebook page bit.ly/ralphsitefbpage features a daily ‘Today we especially miss…’ post, celebrating the life and memory of a pet that passed on the same date in previous years. Our page currently has over 43,000 friends!
  • A members-only closed group bit.ly/ralphsitefbgroup, which you can join by request and benefit from support and advice from others in the same position, without exposing your posts to wider public view. The group currently has over 1,500 members so there’s always someone who understands.


We also write this weekly blog, providing advice on a wide range of pet care issues and support for anyone struggling with the loss of a beloved pet. Those of you who read the blogs regularly will notice a change in the coming weeks, so we wanted to let you know what we’re up to!

The Ralph Site will continue to publish a new blog every week, with the first and third blogs of every month written by you, our friends! We’ve already contacted some of you to answer ten pet questions, and you’ll see the answers to these next week:

  1.  Do you currently share your home with any pets? If so, please tell us about them.
  2.  What was the name of your first pet?
  3.  Why did you choose that name?
  4.  Cats, dogs or another species? Can you choose?! And why?!
  5.  What is your favourite memory of an animal who has shared your life?
  6.  Which three words would you choose to describe him / her?
  7.  What is your favourite fictional animal and why?
  8.  If you could be any animal, which one would you choose and why?
  9.  What advice would you give to someone grieving for a much-loved pet?
  10. When and how did you first come across The Ralph Site? What do you think is the most important role of The Ralph Site community?

We always love to hear your thoughts and listen to your stories of the many special pets that have shared your lives, and this twice-monthly mini-interview seems like a good way to share these with a wider audience. The second week of each month will feature advice and information on a range of bereavement support issues, with the aim of providing practical support to anyone in need of help at such a difficult time. Finally, the last blog of each month will be a round up of animals in the news, topical stories of our four-legged friends from across the UK and around the world. We hope you’ll continue to join us for your weekly read!

So, until next time, very best wishes from Shailen and The Ralph Site team
The Ralph Site, non-profit pet loss support

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