Season’s Greetings

December is a time for reflection and celebration for people of many faiths, or of none. Aside from Christmas, this year Hanukkah ends on December 24th, whilst in the US Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati from the 21st-25th of the month.

As Christmas and the New Year approach, many of us will reflect on the year gone by, and may be remembering those no longer with us. Feelings of sadness and regret can be difficult to cope with at such a joyous time, but if you are feeling this way, know that you are not alone. It’s important to acknowledge the range of emotions that you may be experiencing and talk to someone close. It really is true that a problem shared is a problem halved. Sadly there is no magic wand to remove the hurt, but the simple act of telling someone how you feel can feel like a huge weight easing off your shoulders, even if just for a little while. You can also find a huge range of useful resources at The Ralph Site.

Christmas is traditionally a time of goodwill, and many pet lovers are able to spread a little festive cheer by keeping an extra eye out for those who would appreciate some help and support through the cold months. Is there an elderly neighbour whose dog you could walk? Can you add food and supplies for them or their pet to your own shopping list? Would their companion appreciate a Christmas stocking of treats and toys?

And in your own home, remember to keep an eye out for potential festive hazards (nobody wants an emergency trip to the vets on Christmas Day!)

  • Keep candles and tea lights up out of reach
  • Pick up all the little fiddly plastic bits and tags left after unwrapping presents – these can easily get stuck in an inquisitive pet’s mouth or throat
  • Even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic for pets – ensure that your cats and dogs can’t get hold of anything
  • Likewise nuts – as well as being a choking hazard, some nuts are poisonous to pets
  • You can find much more information HERE

All that said, we hope that you and yours enjoy the festivities, and we send you our very best wishes for a Happy Christmas!

Shailen and The Ralph Site team

Season's Greetings from The Ralph Site

Season’s Greetings from The Ralph Site

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