It’s YOUR Grief

Losing a loved one is devastating.
And whilst the sense of loss is universally intense, it is uniquely experienced – no two people will feel the same way, just as the same person will feel different every time they experience loss.

It seems obvious to say, and yet so often society and well-meaning friends assume that we are following a predictable and understandable process of grieving. There is no ‘right’ way to react or feel following the loss of a much-loved pet, and it’s impossible to know how you will feel in advance. Preparing for an inevitable end is no easier than experiencing a sudden loss.

People may say to you: “it’s only a pet” or “but it’s been ages now”, as if there is an acceptable time to feel bad, and after that point you simply have to switch off and move on.
Others may secretly wonder why you don’t seem sad; how can you have moved on so quickly?
Try to remember that everybody means well, they are either trying to help you move towards happier times, or preparing for a delayed reaction. Take on board any comments that you find helpful, and simply disregard those that you don’t – try not to magnify your grief with anger or sadness directed towards others. Because grief, in all its forms, is personal.

You might find it comforting to keep a photograph or a memento of your pet with you at all times.
You might find it morbid or upsetting.
Both reactions are perfectly normal, and equally OK.

You might feel that you don’t want your pet’s ashes returning.
Or you might wish to plan a trip to a favourite beach and scatter them over the dunes where she loved to run.
Either course of action (and of course anything and everything else in between) is just fine.

It's OK to feel the way you feel, whatever that may be.

It’s OK to feel the way you feel, whatever that may be.

You might find it helpful to read the experiences of others who are going through the same emotions as you. The Ralph Site public Facebook page and private Facebook group offer non-judgemental spaces to offer advice, ask for support or simply to share memories of a wonderful companion.

There are also lots of links to useful websites and organisations offering support through the grieving process on our main site. You might not be ready for resources such as these right now, and indeed you might not feel that you ever need them, but they are there for you if, or when, you do.

Of course, there is no website or blog that can take away the pain of loss, but there is comfort to found in the knowledge that you are not alone, that it’s OK to feel how you are feeling.
And it will ease:

Grief never ends,
But it changes.
It’s a passage,
Not a place to stay.
The sense of loss
Must give way
If we are to value
The life that was lived.
Grief is not a sign of weakness
Nor lack of faith
It is the price of love.

(Author unknown)

Until next time very best wishes,

The Ralph Site, non-profit pet loss support

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