I am so sorry for your loss. Last December 4😰, …

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I am so sorry for your loss. Last December 4😰, we lost our beloved doggie who was 4yrs old after her 19th seizure. She was on medication as she had thick blood and it has been extremely hard to cope. I’m trying really hard to think in terms of what a good life we provided for her instead of dwelling on the trauma it was to see her have seizures. Also, my husband said each alive being has its luck and its health. Your Sitka had its luck to have your love but health is not something you could control. You always did the best for your beloved Sitka,

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Dealing with flashbacks after the death of your pet
I am so sorry for your loss. I’m struggling too and as I try to find help out there, I came across this video about pet loss… Not everything will apply to you, but some things the speaker said helped me a lot… https://youtu.be/TkJGhQANjZo

Dealing with flashbacks after the death of your pet
Hello Tart&Sky,

There is nothing wrong mentally with you. When our doggie died last December 4th (you can see my reply in this blog about it), we were heartbroken but little did we know the worst would come weeks after and now… as we are having awful flashes of every seizure she went through plus waking up in the middle of the night with feelings of anxiety.

It is called love and broken heart… our minds need to process this in the best way possible and that is through nightmares and bad memories at times. I think it is like what a grief specialist told us when my dad passed away 10 years ago: ”you have to cry through grief to overcome it”… after it, you would still love and feel sad when remembering the hard events, but that’s because we are human and have a mind that doesn’t forget.

So, no, there is nothing wrong with you mentally. The day we went to pick up our baby’s ashes at the vet’s, I read a sign he had there: ‘until one hasn’t loved a furry one, a huge part of the soul remains undiscovered’. We are lucky we have the heart to love furry ones… keep in mind you gave your doggies the best life possible and you did all you could. Remember too the good memories… you will always love them and miss them, but you will have the satisfaction of having done all the best for them.