Choosing a memorial for your pet

Following the loss of any significant presence in our lives, humans have an innate need to remember and celebrate the life of their dear friend. Obituaries, gravestones and memorial services all play an important role in helping us work through our feelings of grief, and can be just as crucial for pet carers. This week we take a look at some of the many options available online.

Slate and stone have long been popular materials for constructing memorials – elegant and enduring, a carved stone will stand for many, many years.
Scottish Slate Gift offers an engraving service so that you can tailor your words in fitting tribute, with prices starting from £53.99.

You can also choose to create your own permanent reminder by taking a cast of your pet’s paws. Plaster casts will not survive the elements if placed in open spots, but can be mounted under a tree or displayed in a sheltered part of the garden. A cost-effective option is a more generic mould, such as this one, which could be pressed into concrete or a new path or patio.

A quick search for ‘pet photo memorial’ returns hundreds of options for poly-resin frames and memorials, most of which can be personalised either with words of your choosing, and / or with the addition of a favourite photo. These memorials tend to range from £8-£20 and thus would be a great option for anyone on a budget.

Popular online currently, this solar-lit memorial cross can be placed close to your pet’s grave, illuminating automatically at dusk.

However, other carers may prefer to mark their pet’s grave or a favourite part of the garden, with a more subtle presence – perhaps an interesting or practical focal point. Popular options might be a string of white solar lights, a young tree, a bird feeder, bench or water feature. Added to mark the passing of a pet, but not specifically featuring their name or image, such garden ornaments form a sensitive reminder of a much-loved pet.

Of course you may prefer to create your own uniquely personal memorial to your pet, and a simple wooden cross or a rockery constructed and planted in a favourite sunny spot are as cost effective as they are meaningful. On the other hand, you may find that it is just too painful to see a reminder of your missing friend every time you set foot in the garden, and choose to remember your pet’s life with quiet inner thoughts instead.
All options are valid and perfectly normal, and as always, the choice is entirely yours.

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