This is an excellently done piece and maybe something people …

Comment on Loving a reactive dog means grieving the dog you thought you would have by April.

This is an excellently done piece and maybe something people (we owners) don’t like to talk about or admit to.

I have a reactive dog. I was born into dogs, my family have had dogs and the same breed my whole life, and then came A, he’s the same breed, but a completely different dog and challenge.

I love him, but my life has become completely different and to be honest, the quality of it. I’m ill myself, and the stress of it makes me worse.

He barks at anything, everything. When I put a plug into a socket a little loudly, someone walks past, someone calls up or down the stars, a bird makes a noise, a fox. It’s hysterical barking.
He also bites, when he doesn’t want to be brushed or needs treatment of something or anything really.

I made the decision when he started biting that I would just live with it, I couldn’t pass him on, couldn’t put him to rescue as he’d probably go home to home or be PTS. He’s been so much fun at times, but gruelling at others.

I’ve had dogs my whole life, I’ll never have another dog again, I can’t live like this ever again and I don’t think I have it in me to ever rehome, so I just cannot take the risk.

I feel very complicated right now, he has a terminal condition, DS, the trouble is it’s both upsetting, I can’t bear to see him go, but also a part of me feels I’ll also be free and maybe better off, which obviously makes me feel guilty.

It’s very hard having a reactive dog, something I wouldn’t really wish on anyone.