I lost my pet bunny.Ebony a black dwarf x harlequin.I …

Comment on Grieving the loss of a rabbit by Tanya.

I lost my pet bunny.Ebony a black dwarf x harlequin.I miss him so much, I am often in pain.It happened last Saturday.He was three and a half.

He was given food called critical care by me twice a day as I was helping him through gi stasis.Then he stopped eating Friday.I took him to the vet.xrays revealed fluid everywhere inside him where it is not supposed to be.I made plans to take him to the er, and the vet was going to test the fluid,but did not do it in time.The bunny was having seizures at the vet and I was called back as he was on the table and not in the oxygen tank anymore.
I talked to him and held his head and he passed painlessly away as he was given pain meds a half hour before.
I was crying and still often am.I am having him cremated and getting paw prints. I know his bonded mate Lola will be missing him and I showed her his body before cremation.
Now I am giving her lots of attention as she was bonded to him.
She is five years old,a Holland lop.I got her a stuffy and toys and veggies.She stays in her place where she went with Ebony and hides behind the table there.
I know she was alone for three years before I got her. I believe she may be happy now that she is on her own again.She is grieving,but she has me and she used to get sprayed by her mate Ebo y and chased when they were not cuddling.I am sure it is so hard for her.
I hope to bond with her myself as I live alone .I am not sure another rabbit is the way to go.
I also have two caged guinea pigs in the kitchen.I feed greens to them and Lola eats greens outside their cage and sees them.
I can not let them loose as she never liked them and charges them.I am trying to give her a chance to befriend them with a gate between them.
I looked at baby bunnies and even communicated with the owner and just not feeling good about getting it.
I am grieving a lot and my remaining bunny and guinea pigs are.
Ebony was a much loved rabbit.
Perhaps down the road a dog not a bunny .
Too bad my bunny would be afraid of it?
Thanks for hearing all my thoughts at this sad time.
Have a good weekend.Lola is often angry and growls or runs around fast.I think it is grief.