Dear Emma Thank you very much for your article. I like …

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Dear Emma
Thank you very much for your article. I like the sound of writing every day. I do keep a journal for my Dylan, but it’s not been written daily, just a few times a week and not for 15 minutes, so it’ll be interesting to rise to your challenge.

Jill x

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A hidden sorrow: experiencing pet bereavement as a disenfranchised grief
Thank you. The Ralph Site is an immense source of support and advice. I lost my beloved Dylan in a tragic accident in January, 14 weeks today. I always thought that I kept him safe 😢. The trauma and shock from his accident are beyond words and measure. The life we had together now shattered. I am lucky in that I have been supported by family and friends and by pet loss sites – this wonderful one and the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page. What s now striking me is that recently a small number of close people clearly believe I should have moved on. “Can’t you talk yourself out of crying?”, “Well, you ll have Robin soon.” ( A puppy is coming home later this week which is wonderful, but makes things also sad because if Dylan hadn’t grown his wings there wouldn’t be a puppy.) I’ve come to realise which people I can still talk to openly and which people I have to hide my emotions from. Sunglasses were great on holiday last week as no one could tell when I’d been crying in private. Thank you for this wonderful site and the comfort it brings. Jill xx 💙🐾💔