This is all so true. Our beautiful black cat Morris …

Comment on Toxic positivity and its impact on pet loss grief by Diana Munns.

This is all so true. Our beautiful black cat Morris died suddenly at only 9 in September. I have been forced to be outwardly happy and smiling to suit everyone else who are bored with my grief and, after all, I need to be happy for the good things that are happening to them. Which of course I want to be. However, inside I am crumbling. Going back to an empty house is so desperately sad. I miss him so much. Everything negative has been said to me over the last 4 months. ßo much so, that I feel guilty about grieving and upsetting someone.

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Pet loss anger: How to cope when you can’t stop feeling angry
I do feel extremely angry with the vet. We took our Morris in as soon as he stopped eating. She sent him home saying that he had gastritis and gave tablets to take. He got worse, his blood sugar dropped and his liver failed. He died 24 hours after she sent him home. It was then decided he had been poisoned. They showed no compassion and were more concerned about me paying the £3000 bill. I did complain but they all closed ranks against me.
I had just retired and was looking forward to spending my time at home with him. I am angry that he was taken at only 9 years old.
I feel like other people still have their pets even though they are much older.