Thank you for the feedback, Donna. …

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Thank you for the feedback, Donna.

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Nine pet loss grief myths and misconceptions
Sorry for your losses of Oscar and Jasper, Alan. It certainly is very difficult and we go through it all with each companion that we lose. Love to Sophie.

Nearing the end: How to deal with anticipatory grief for a terminally ill or elderly pet
I am so sorry to hear this, Belinda. Bless Jillian, angel. I hope that despite the sadness, you can make the most of your time left together physically.

Grieving the loss of a rabbit
I am sorry for your loss, Keeley.

There is a lot of advice in this blog post itself.

There is some other information on this page – it is not specific to rabbits but hopefully helpful.

You could also join our private Facebook group and ask for advice and support there.

Hope that helps a little,


Moving forward, not moving on
Hi Christa,

We have not specifically written a post to be read by children – but we will try to do that! In the meantime, the pages below crosslink to some resources and books that might help. Apologies if any of the links in these pages don’t work – it is difficult for me to have the time to check all the links regularly.

Hope that helps a little,


Coping with anniversaries and special days when a pet dies
I am glad that the article resonated with you, Lori. Cooper was clearly much loved and I hope that and other fond memories help to bring you some solace tomorrow. Shailen.