Dear Emma, I am lost for words after reading your story …

Comment on Stone, More Than ‘Just’ a Cat by Yvonne Parkes.

Dear Emma,
I am lost for words after reading your story about Stone. I can’t stop crying because your feelings and emotions match mine exactly.
We said goodbye to our beloved cat Petula on 25th March this year, and I can’t begin to explain just how much I miss her. She was twenty one and a half years old, and, like Stone, she was a huge part of our family, and loved by us all.
We too made the difficult decision to have Petula put to sleep when she became ill.
Ours was a traumatic experience though because Petula struggled and fought hard at the end (I don’t know where she found her strength from), and our vet had to sedate her before he could euthanise her. I felt so terribly guilty as I held her in my arms because it was not the peaceful ending that I had wanted for Petula. I find this very hard to put out of my mind.
I still can’t talk about our beautiful Petula without crying, even though I know how very fortunate we were to have had her in our lives for so long.
R. I. P. Petula and Stone. Love from Yvonne