Ive had to give away and find a new home …

Comment on Rehoming a pet: How to cope with the grief by Karen.

Ive had to give away and find a new home for my 5 roosters ive had for a long many years some are even over 8 years old. All hand raised and hatched here. I have 12 hens i will have to halve too.

Three months ago my dad said he wanted to move us all within 2 months sell the house etc. its been a shock because weve been here on acres for 26 years.p and now going to live in an urban environment where roosters cant go and cant have too many hens. It was a struggle to even find a house with somewhat of a backyard these days but we found what we could.

Ive had to sneek my roosters out in the night into a big cage and ready to put in a big cardboard box dor tomorrow to rehome them to a person on a farm that will use them for breeding ive been told.
Ive had roostes for over 20 years, im used to their specific crows and behavours running around outside with the hens – its a sign of home and relaxation and love and now i have to get rid of that and have to watch them who trust me give them away and its all very upsetting and distressing for me.