I gave up my 1 year old sheepdog yesterday and …

Comment on Rehoming a pet: How to cope with the grief by R.

I gave up my 1 year old sheepdog yesterday and I am beyond devastated. I had him since he was a puppy and I feel horrible I couldn’t handle his needs anymore. I tried my hardest to give him the best life. Sacrificing time, money, relationships. As he got older and bigger, it was hard to keep up with his high exercise needs and he was becoming aggressive, possessive and dominant. I tried training school early on but it didn’t work and he was becoming a safety issue. I thought I could handle it but he was starting to turn on me. It breaks my heart because he is such a beautiful, sweet boy and I know he has the potential to grow into a lovely dog. He needs more than I can give him. It was hard to admit that to myself since I was giving so much everyday so that he would be healthy and happy. I feel like a failure for taking on the dog and not being able to meet his needs. I feel like I failed him and myself. The grief is real and I’m crying multiple times a day. I know it’s going to take a long time to heal.
The upside to this sad story is that by the grace of God I was able to find an experienced trainer that would take him, train him properly and find him a new home. I am incredibly sad that I couldn’t be his mommy any more and my mind is flooded with his memories. He was my companion and protector. I pray that he finds a good home where he can thrive and be loved.
Thank you hearing me out. I’m incredibly sad going through this. If you’re feeling the same, know you’re not alone. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions that is best for all involved. I that pray all pets find good homes and that you find peace knowing you made the right decision.