Wow! Thank you so much!!! I had to surrender my dog …

Comment on Rehoming a pet: How to cope with the grief by Chelsea.

Wow! Thank you so much!!!
I had to surrender my dog yesterday back to the spca where I got him about 1.5 years ago. He had many issues we were aware of when we got him, did not know just got bad. We still stuck it out and wanted him to feel love for the first time. Before us he had already been through many homes in his short 3 year life. He had been heavily abused. Neglected. Starved. Just treated horribly! No matter how much we did for him, he just couldn’t trust again. While we spent the last year and a half walking on eggshells, we also built beautiful bonds with him. There was so much love for him, but he just kept damaging everything. We replaced 3 couches, multiple chairs, shoes etc. We lived minimalistic having next nothing so he couldn’t destroy our things, to the point we haven’t had a living room to sit in for a year. Still, we loved him anyways. We got him a trainer that he just tried to eat… he wouldn’t allow it. We did EVERYTHING!!!!! Still I can’t stop crying because I feel we failed him. Last night (the first night) was the hardest!!! Hearing my kids cry themselves to sleep was horrible… and I could only think my poor Hemi boy is crying too, like I could hear him.
My heart is just so broken. This article is amazing! Thank you so much