Pet Loss: In Your Own Words

The Ralph Site provides non-profit pet loss support. Comfort and understanding from like-minded pet lovers who have the same bond with their furry/winged/scaley…family members. They all ‘get it’, they all know why pet loss hurts so much.

One of the ways in which The Ralph Site does this is through its busy and highly interactive private Facebook group where members can share how they feel in a secure environment and support each other through their grief. Many people have told me over the years that this support from others is the main thing that has made a difference to help them cope with the grief of pet loss.

Recently I asked members of the Ralph Site’s private Facebook group to share how they feel about their departed pets in 1-2 sentences. There were lots of responses, too many to share them all so I have picked a selection at random.

CLICK THE PICTURE above if you would like to join our pet loss group.

CLICK THE PICTURE above if you would like to join our pet loss group.

“If I could move heaven and earth to get you back safe in my arms I would. Love you more than words can say xx” (Julie)

“My beautiful Suki one of a kind … Think of you every day RIP my dear sweet fury friend until we meet again xxx” (Rachel)

“My sweet Enzo, you have taught me how to love perfectly, and how to hurt endlessly” (Debbie)

“My girl Tilly, my baby, my friend, my soulmate. Came into my life when I needed her and left when her work was done – Love of my life.” (Lynn)

“Privileged to have known you, sad because you have gone.” (Amanda)

“When my Ruper died part of my heart and soul went with him. I loved him so much and still miss him daily.” (Ginger)

“An amazing, beautiful soul” (Sunni)

“I’m still looking for her in all her favorite spots,I can’t get used to being without my lovely Miss Kitty girl” (Lynne)

“Feel like I have lost a child, loved my Marvin as I love my kids. I had him for over 21 years and he was my baby and my best friend.” (Lori)

Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does, please feel free to join The Ralph Site’s Facebook group, as well as follow the Facebook page and have a look at the resources on the main website.

Until next time do take care,


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