Thank you for sharing your story, Hailey. It is a …

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Thank you for sharing your story, Hailey. It is a valuable insight for us all into how we never quite know what will trigger a flashback. I am glad to hear that your other dog was fine and remains with you. Warm regards, Shailen.

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Dealing with flashbacks after the death of your pet
Sorry to hear this, Maddie. I hope that Betsy continues to recover. Hopefully, when you have her back home, time will do its magic and you will start to have fewer flashbacks or guilt about what happened. It is very difficult to keep them safe 100% of the time while allowing them to enjoy life too. I believe that Betsy knows how much you love her and will not have any bad feelings towards you. Thinking of your family at this time.

Dealing with flashbacks after the death of your pet
So sorry to hear this, Amy. It is very difficult. A lot of people struggle with guilt and regret after their pet dies. I can appreciate why your situation would make that more pronounced. And then dealing with the shock of what happened at the end and the flashbacks. I hope that in time you will be able to focus on grieving her loss without these other complicating factors. Shailen.

Dealing with flashbacks after the death of your pet
Hi Chloe,

Condolences on your loss. Please share the information in this blog with your mum. She may also find it useful to share her experience with our private Facebook community and if she wants to connect with someone there are some options here.

My thoughts are with your family,


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Sorry to hear this.

The most immediate and best source of support that we can suggest is to join The Ralph Site private Facebook group. 24/7 support from pet carers who understand. Please consider it.

Thinking of you.

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Sorry for your loss, Cathy. This sounds like a wonderful idea and memorial.


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Sorry for your losses of Oscar and Jasper, Alan. It certainly is very difficult and we go through it all with each companion that we lose. Love to Sophie.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Belinda. Bless Jillian, angel. I hope that despite the sadness, you can make the most of your time left together physically.

Grieving the loss of a rabbit
I am sorry for your loss, Keeley.

There is a lot of advice in this blog post itself.

There is some other information on this page – it is not specific to rabbits but hopefully helpful.

You could also join our private Facebook group and ask for advice and support there.

Hope that helps a little,