I am so grateful I found this article and these …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Sarah.

I am so grateful I found this article and these heartfelt comments. I feel for all of the commenters. I lost my beautiful 10 year old pup Pepper this weekend. She had hurt her leg last weekend and was limping. We brought her to the vet Tuesday and he x-rayed her and prescribed pain reliever anti inflammatory. A few days later she was walking better but whined when we tried to pick her up or touched her tummy. Turns out she got a small puncture that we didn’t know about and it was infected. We took her to emergency vet and she was in ICU for two nights. The infection had destroyed enough of her skin that recovery was uncertain and if even possible would involve more procedures and skin grafting. We couldn’t put her through that and said goodbye to her with love and kisses. But are devastated we didn’t see or realize the infection sooner. She was out behind our yard and doing stuff she always does but if we had kept her im that day she’d be with us still. She was one of a kind – smart, expressive, darling and loving. Missing her and wishing I could turn back the clock. Never knew this would be
My last summer with her. Rest in peace my love.