We lost our dog Percy Friday evening in a unspeakable …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Margie.

We lost our dog Percy Friday evening in a unspeakable way. He was my world and I let him down.
My grandmother passed a few months ago and I’d been cleaning out her house all day and came home to my husband working in the yard. He greeted me with the unbridled excitement he always did and went back to playing in the yard. We were unloading the truck and I went in to shower assuming he was playing. About an hour later I go out to get more out of my truck and he had jumped in at some point. I live in Texas. He was barely clinging on to life, I rushed him to the vet. We worked on him for two hours before being told I needed to euthanize him, he wasn’t coming back. No brain activity. I can eat, I can’t sleep, his moma is so lost without him. He slept with me every night. My husband is wracked with guilt because he was the last one that shut the door not knowing he was in there. We live on five acres and the 5 dogs run and play in pond etc. I don’t know how I didn’t notice he wasn’t inside for an hour.
We buried him yesterday morning and I can barely get out of bed even today. I just feel so guilty for his horrible passing, wondering where I was and why did I leave him. I’m crushed with guilt and I miss him so much I physically hurt. The worst part is how his life ended. I know know I need to eat, get up, function then I think of his last moments and I’m brought to my knees.
Any advice?