On March 09 2023 I had to let my beloved …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Georgette.

On March 09 2023 I had to let my beloved Skippy my gorgeous lovable best friend cross Rainbow Bridge. He was 17 years old. I noticed he was losing weight and I thought it was due to old age. Then he would start sitting by the water dish and just stare into it for about 10 minutes before he starts drinking. All of this has been gradually happening and not suddenly. So again, I thought he’s just getting old. My sister and I live together and have 3 other cats but Skippy was basically with me all the time. Our cats puke and we never catch them in action so we really don’t know who is doing it. Then we find blood in the litter box. We called our vet and they said if it continues to bring him in. It hasn’t happened in a long while after. Skippy started getting too lazy and sleeping a lot and again I said it’s because he’s old and cats do tend to sleep a lot. Skippy never ever once was a meower and he looked at me and meowed.. All of this is eating me up because there were signs that someone was not feeling well and it happened to be Skippy. He has his favorite recliner and he jumped onto it and his head hit the back rest, he was off balance. And another time he tried jumping up on it and fell back. And suddenly he would just sit and not eat his food. All of this has happened in only 4 month. I decided it’s time to bring him to the vet to get him checked. He had severe liver damage and to fix the problem was not promising. My sister and I decided that he is suffering and we should let him cross. This was the worst experience for me. We’ve had cats euthanized before, we’ve had cats since 1987. But Skippy was my little boy from the beginiing. I am still crying and feel guilty for not having him checked sooner. This is the most I ever cried, more than family members. I know I will get over it but it will be a long time.
I love you forever Skippy xoxoxoxxo