My dog, Isabella died 2 days ago on a Sunday. …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Arianna Monrose.

My dog, Isabella died 2 days ago on a Sunday. She was 11 years old.
The Thursday before Isabella died, she got a terrible cough, this wasn’t her first time, this cough would go and come but this time it was the worse by far.
We didn’t have the money or transportation to carry her vet at that by Friday we realized that she hasn’t been wormed out for a while
So on Friday night I gave my father a worm tablet for dogs, it didn’t have a label on it but I was sure that’s the worm tablet the vet gave to us.
My father gived Isabella the tablet the next day (Saturday) and after a few hours, Isabella started to breath hard and fast, her tummy had gotten swollen as well.
By time Sunday she still was in a bad condition and we didn’t know what to do (at that time we didn’t think it was the tablet fault). And in my country vets don’t work on a Sunday.
By time Sunday afternoon, we witnessed Isabella’s death, it was a sad one. I feel like if I didn’t give that worm tablet to my father that day, none of this would’ve happened.
Isabella would’ve still been alive, we would’ve still gotten to see her face and her beautiful eyes.
It was NEVER my intentions for her to die, I give that tablet to her for it to simply fulfilled it’s purpose, to deworm the dog, nothing else.
It’s been 2 days and everytime I wake up, I remember what happened and I just lay in my bed and cry, but I will learn to forgive myself because Ik what happened wasn’t with a bad intention.