I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are …

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I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. I lost my best friend Lui the bird as a mistake in my part also. I allowed him to be fully flighted and every time he was checked into his vet for boarding they would cut his wings short and he pulled all his feathers out as a result and then got a cut on his side and had to be put down.

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Pet loss and self-forgiveness
I want to share more about Lui the quality monk ice blue colored parrot. He was my very best friend and a very rare and super smart and loving bird. He loved to dance by swaying from side to side and loved to lick honey off my finger as a treat and say umm:)
I got badly hurt physically in an accident and then had a surgery that did not go well and it caused me to distrust my family and loved ones. I allowed Lui to be a fully flighted bird, and he was even potty trained, would fly back to his cage to poop. He was the most loving and special creature I have ever known. One thing to know about Quaker monk parakeets is that they will pluck their feathers out of distressed or upset. Whenever I took him to his birds and exotic vet pet care to board they would always have to trim his wings in order to board him or any other bird. I didn’t get help from my family when I needed it and I instead boarded my beautiful and sweet tiny blue bird and as I left him to board he was afraid he was being a bad boy because he said as I was leaving him, “ Lui, good boy”
I was in so much pain physically and needed help and a break so I just left him to board for a couple nights, knowing in my heart it didn’t feel right, but also mentally and physically exhausted from my injury and complicated surgery. When I went to pick him up, all his feathers had been plucked away and his body was bald and his wings trimmed short. It was devastating. I tried to help him by making a small sock sweater to cover his body and realizing he didn’t like that and he panicked so I cut it off, but it left a small cut on his body. I paid for the vet to stitch the cut and he just kept pulling the stitches out. I slowly watched him fading before my eyes- unable to ever fly and be his happy self and now with a cut to boot… I had to make the difficult decision to put him down. I could not even bare to be in the room with him while they put him down, I was in the lobby telling stories of how amazing he was. I miss him every day. I regret what happened to him and that I was not strong enough to ask for help when I needed it or to trust my family when I really needed them. I will now do more things in his honor after reading this blog that has helped me so much. But I still feel the pain and he loved me to his dying day- always lighting up no matter his condition when he would see me or hear my voice. I pray God in heaven forgives me and that my best friend Lui will find in his heart to forgive me and I pray to see him one day one the other side of the rainbow bridge.
I love you Lui. Xoxox t

Pet loss and self-forgiveness
Me too. I replay the sad part of my pet bird Luis passing, but what I am learning to do is to replay the beauty of him and all the things I loved about him and know that he lives on in your heart and is now in what I believe to be a heaven for all animals too

Pet loss and self-forgiveness
Thank you so much for writing this. In my pet bird Lui who passed, in his honor I donated a bird cage to the vet that he used to go to so that other birds can board and not have to have their wings trimmed. I have also learned from the mistakes I made and pray that there is more I can do to help in the future. Your words here make me want to go back to the bird vet and see if there is any way that I can be of help there. I also send prayers up to all the other pet owners and their pets who passed in a tragic way. I send prayers for my pet bird Lui in heaven every day I can