My sad cat story is very similar to hers my …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Mark LoGiudice.

My sad cat story is very similar to hers my baby boy cat Riley was put to sleep on September 4th of this year I didn’t realize he had heart arrhythmia and heart disease found out from the veterinarian he was already in late stages blood clot traveled out of his heart to rear left leg resulting in paralysis we were together over 8 years he was my life my world his needs came before mine always I love him so very much I don’t know how to deal with the grief and the guilt for my inaction I miss him so much I’m not sure how to forgive myself I am taking full accountability I have to we were very close he was my emotional support soulmate I had him cremated on September 6th and brought his ashes home on the 8th my life is so empty now I did a lot of crying September
October November it’s tough trying to have to deal with this so much overwhelming guilt I’ve never ever meant for this to happen still having a tough time moving on I will always love and miss him forever what a tragic mistake on my part.