Thank you so much fo sharing your stories. I feel …

Comment on Pet loss and self-forgiveness by Marie.

Thank you so much fo sharing your stories. I feel deeply sorry for all your loses.

Our beloved cat died in an accident a week ago.

We did everything for him. At least that how we felt, because we considered his safety and wellbeing daily (when making decisions about buying something new, going somewhere). Catification of our new apartment was in progress, and the cat netting the balcony was scheduled in 2 weeks.

Few minutes before he died we talk about closing the window because the day was windy, and I was afraid of a sudden air draught. Before I could do it, the air draught came and window closed on him, pushed him thoughr the windowscreen and he fell. And amongst other things you could have done different that day, I can’t forgive myself I didn’t closed that window right away, or called hie to be with us in the other room. He always came when we called him…

He was an amazing cat. So smart! I’m sure he understood everything we said. He was funny, had all those cute quirks, he made the most peculiar sounds, he loved runnig around our new place (although we called it his place), incredibly gentle and beautiful fluffy cat.

We miss him so much, we made a mistake, and it cost a life. It was so clear right after it happened,… My husband blames himself and I blame myself. In the past we lost people who were close to us, and what happened with him feels very similar. Our hearts are broken. And the worst part is that whatever we do now, we cannot change what happened.