International/World Cat Day 2015

Calling all cat lovers…

Those of you with cats in your lives know that every day is cat day! It’s not possible for your feline friend to let a day pass without reminding you just how special he or she is – be it by means of a thoughtful ‘present’ waiting on the doorstep, a gentle pat across the cheek in the middle of the night or with the wave of a tail across the screen as you attempt to type around the tangle of paws and fur where your keyboard should be!

But if you need more cause to celebrate the wonder of all things cat, then you’ll be pleased to know that Saturday August 8th 2015 is the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s designated International Cat Day.

Cats certainly are amazing creatures, as we all know. But did you also know that reportedly they:

  • Have 24 more bones than us humans?
  • Are born with blue eyes, which change colour as they grow?
  • Have sharper claws on their front paws than on the back legs?
  • Have the largest eyes of any mammal, relative to the size of their bodies?
  • Are referred to a ‘clowder’ when in a group, whilst a ‘kindle’ is the term used to describe a group of kittens?
  • Sleep for 16 hours a day, on average?
  • Have around 12 whiskers on each side of their face?

Check out for more fascinating feline facts.

International Cat Day 2015

It’s always nice to surprise your cat with a little gift, or an edible treat and you’ll find plenty of ideas, to meet any budget, in our shop. Here are a few of our favourites:

In the light of recent events in the news, the timing of this year’s International Cat Day is especially pertinent – highlighting the threats posed by our species to the domestic cat’s wild cousins, with the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. The Oxford University project studying Cecil and his pride has received in excess of a quarter of a million pounds in public donations since the news broke, allowing its important conservation and education work to continue in his name. You can find out more or make a donation at HERE.

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