I’d like to add something here that has really been …

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I’d like to add something here that has really been helpful to me. Physical exercise releases endorphins which make us feel better and it’s also a way to release grief through physical activity. When I hit the treadmill or the punching bag, it’s a way to let it out, to run it off, expressing it through the motion of my body and I feel so much better afterward. Sometimes the loss of a pet means we lose a regular exercise routine and spend more time indoors, which contributes to feeling down. I still cry, I still miss my wonderful companion, but the exercise makes it easier to manage.

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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?
I’m glad to see this post. Pet insurance can mean the difference between suffering and peace. When we first got our dog my husband was skeptical about pet insurance. I wouldn’t have a pet without it and insisted. For the first nine years we enjoyed a very fit and healthy dog, but then suddenly he became terribly ill. Preliminary investigations with the vet proved unfruitful, but because we had cover we were able to get him specialist care which meant a quick diagnosis (preventing needless suffering) and the best possible treatment. Sadly we lost him to an aggressive form of cancer, but knowing that we did the absolute best for him gave us peace of mind. Losing him was bad enough without the torment of wondering whether we might have saved him. We used Petplan for his insurance which is one of the few that promises cover for life. They were fantastic and what we paid out in premiums over the years we more than got back in the end. They were affordable and paid claims straight away. Not only that, but they were always there to answer questions and help when needed. I cannot recommend Petplan highly enough and we’d certainly use them again.