Hi Michele, Thanks for your comment and for being active in …

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Hi Michele,

Thanks for your comment and for being active in supporting others on the Facebook page. I know many people really appreciate the support they get there.

Please don’t feel guilty about Susie and not realising she was unwell. I am a specialist in veterinary Emergency and Critical Care so a disease like Addison’s is one that I am very familiar with. We refer to it as the ‘great pretender’ because it can present in so many forms and often the signs are very vague or totally absent until a crisis occurs. There are many people who do not realise their pet has it until a crisis occurs. The signs that you describe I would say are pretty exceptional for this disease so Susie was it seems just very very unlucky but I don’t think you should blame yourself.

Take care,

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Sorry to hear this.

The most immediate and best source of support that we can suggest is to join The Ralph Site private Facebook group. 24/7 support from pet carers who understand. Please consider it.

Thinking of you.

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Sorry to hear this, Maddie. I hope that Betsy continues to recover. Hopefully, when you have her back home, time will do its magic and you will start to have fewer flashbacks or guilt about what happened. It is very difficult to keep them safe 100% of the time while allowing them to enjoy life too. I believe that Betsy knows how much you love her and will not have any bad feelings towards you. Thinking of your family at this time.

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Sorry for your loss, Cathy. This sounds like a wonderful idea and memorial.


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Sorry for your losses of Oscar and Jasper, Alan. It certainly is very difficult and we go through it all with each companion that we lose. Love to Sophie.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Belinda. Bless Jillian, angel. I hope that despite the sadness, you can make the most of your time left together physically.