Hi, I lost my bunny last saturday and she was …

Comment on Grieving the loss of a rabbit by Arpit.

Hi, I lost my bunny last saturday and she was 2 years old which has left my wife and I devastated. I have another bunny who was older to her. He just saw her body once as Vet advised me not to leave the body too close fearing infection etc. ?
Now I want to get another similar rabbit too but couldn’t stop crying from last 3 days. I fear suffering this grief again.
Also, I read in some other post that you need to leave the body of the rabbit near to their companion so that they come in terms with it, otherwise they wait and wait.. I did not do that so I don’t want my bunny to Suffer this waiting either. He seems normal right now with his schedule, and I am spending as much time as I can with him.
Should I get another bunny for him right away? The one we lost was difficult to bond with him at that time so we know how he can be.
Please do let me know what can I do in such situation? Is it possible that if I get a bunny as soon as possible, he may bond quickly ?

Male – Netherland Dwarf ( 3 years old)
Female – Holland Lop ( 2years old) – She passed away..
Thank you in advance