I am absolutely touched by this article and am saving …

Comment on Grieving the loss of a rabbit by Savannah.

I am absolutely touched by this article and am saving it. I’m crying reading all the responses. My Flemish named Moose passed away a week ago and I’m still crying at work and home. He was so big, and my room feels so empty without him. Squirrel (tiny lionhead) has never been alone before and the rescue (knowing Squirrel) told me to come in ASAP to find her a new companion, because she doesn’t know how to be alone. She has done pretty well so far, it’s just tough because she is very shy and not too fond of my attention. I’m fine with this, but am so worried for her. I feel like I am mourning for two. She saw him in his last moments, but he was rushed to the car and passed there on the way to the vet.. I hurt so much not knowing if she understands what has happened. I sit and sob on the floor wondering if she is just waiting for him to come back. He did not die a pleasant death, so I feel like she has to understand to some capacity. They cuddled and groomed each other all day. Oddly enough her attitude and temperament haven’t changed much. She never lost her enthusiasm for food and she has demolished several toys since his passing.

It’s in moments of grief that I wish so hard I could be religious so I could feel confident I will see him again — along with all my other animal friends I’ve lost too. I daydream of them all meeting me after I’ve died in a soft, grassy, and sunny field where we can all play together again. No one is in pain and we all just have fun. I feel like someone took my heart out of my chest and stomped it to bits before putting it back again.