I forgot to mention. After Binx died I made …

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I forgot to mention. After Binx died I made him a coffin in my woodshop and buried him. Later that evening, I went outside and my daughter was singing “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, to his grave. Now I can’t that song out of my head, and it reminds me of my own pain, but also how sad my daughter must be.

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Grieving the loss of a rabbit
I feel the same way. It’s hard to accept the loss. We had a similar experience with the vet telling us they were going to treat Binx, and we should come get him in about an hour. I was in the store getting some hay 30 minutes later and they called back to say he’d passed. He was all alone, and I am guilt ridden.

Grieving the loss of a rabbit
I understand. We lost our bunny, Binx, before we could see him grow, but we loved him with all of our hearts before he passed. I get sick thinking about him being gone, and I don’t really talk about it with anyone outside on my house because I don’t think they understand or even care.

Our pets really are part of the family, and that’s how it feels when we lose them.

I hope you’re feeling better.

Grieving the loss of a rabbit
I bought my daughter a Netherlands Dwarf two weeks ago, but he died after one week. We found out the breeders sold us a very sick bunny (pneumonia, parasites, lied about age), and we didn’t know until it was too late. My daughter is 18 and has wanted a bunny for 4 years. I finally felt she was ready and this happened…
My whole family is super upset. I feel depressed and blame myself for Binx dying. I know my wife and daughter are feeling down as well.
I can’t stop thinking about it…