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Last weekend saw the 2015 World Agility Championships take place in Ermelo, The Netherlands.

This year, 387 dogs from 32 countries took part in a series of agility events designed to showcase the amazing athletic abilities of our canine friends and celebrate the partnership, mutual respect and deep understanding that exists between dogs and humans.

Agility sport is becoming more popular throughout the UK, providing a fun environment for dogs to display their natural strength and fitness, whilst acknowledging the handler’s ability to train and direct the dog over and through a series of obstacles in the fastest time, with the least number of mistakes! There are agility clubs and competitions across the UK, each adhering to strict rules of conduct to ensure that the health and welfare of the dog is forefront at all times. As well as providing the dog with the opportunity to run around at top speed, agility clubs also offer a supportive and fun social scene for you. If you’d like to find out more about the world of agility, or contact clubs and organisations in your area, you can search for local clubs here.

Dog agility

The great thing about agility sport is that dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes can enjoy it. Don’t be put off by the Crufts approach, which can be very regimented and serious – if that’s not for you and your dog, you’ll be pleased to know that a number of organisations run agility events more geared towards fun than competition, with classes for young, old or recovering dogs, and fewer rules and regulations for their handlers! You can find out more about these at sites as these:

UK Agility
The Agility Club
British Agility Association

But be warned – agility can be addictive! There’s no doubt that the dogs taking part love it, and there’s every chance that you will very quickly come to love the buzz of it too! Seeing your faithful friend taking a new course in his or her stride, watching intently for your signal to start and sharing a huge hug at the end of a successful round will fill you with pride and joy. You already know that your partnership is special, and your dog is talented and clever – agility allows others to see that too. What’s not to like?!

Until next time, very best wishes.

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