I wish I had found this site before my girl …

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I wish I had found this site before my girl received her terminal diagnosis, but then I feel, maybe I would not have been able to read any of the advice, due to to fact I would be accepting her diagnosis. Although I listened & knew what the vet was telling me, I kept telling myself that we would still have a few more years together, but it was in fact, eight months. I had to accept the harsh reality only a couple of weeks before we lost her, therefore, 11 weeks on weeks on, I am still struggling with it & don’t see any way out of this grief at all.
I think it makes it harder, because not everyone understands why I am feeling the way I do, or should I say, why I am still feeling this way. So, I carry on as normal in public, work/with friends, but fall apart when I come home.
Thankfully, my daughter & partner see this side of me & are patient, they too are still dealing with their way of grieving over losing her, but I do feel very guilty of that they have to deal with my grief also. I am usually the one who keeps everyone together.
This site does help with why I am feeling this way, but obviously cannot give me an answer as to when it might get easier, I know that is only something time will tell.
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Thank you so much for this information. We had to have our 12 year old Shih Tzu put to sleep 3 weeks ago, after a short illness & I for one, have been struggling with most of the feelings you have listed. I’m trying to be strong for my daughter, who is also not dealing with it, her anxieties & stress are coming out physically in her body, eczema, stomach cramps, constant tiredness. Mine are exhibiting as constantly feeling guilty, wondering if I could have done things differently, crying daily & as you’ve mentioned, playing her final moments over in my head.
It is reassuring to know that the way we are dealing with our loss is not unusual.