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It’s only natural for humans to yearn to provide a physical shape for the emotions we feel after losing a faithful friend and companion. Generations of children have made grave markers for their beloved pets, helping them to come to terms in some small way with their loss, and this is a tradition that looks set to endure for many more generations to come.

Now, thanks to the convenience and endless choice afforded to us by the internet, there are countless other options available for those of us seeking a permanent memorial to our much-missed pets. Some of our favourites follow below and you can find more at The Ralph Site HERE.

Pet Loss Memorials

Online remembrance

One of the most important and popular pages of The Ralph Site is our memorials page, where anyone missing a pet can upload a photo and a few words paying homage to their unique personality and character; you can also link to a YouTube video. There is no charge to leave a memorial and you can leave as many as you like, although you must first register with in order to do so.

Selected memorials are then shared on The Ralph Site’s Facebook page on their anniversary. Find out more about this sharing to Facebook HERE.

Dedicate a tree

What better way to celebrate the life and memory of a canine companion that dedicating a tree in his or her name? Aside from providing an apt reminder of woodland walks and outdoor fun, your accompanying donation to The Woodland Trust will help fund vital conservation work across the UK. You can find out more HERE.

Name a star

Perhaps you’d like to memorialise your own little star by naming a celestial body for him or her, way up over the Rainbow Bridge? There is more information on how to do this HERE.

Statues and plaques

Many owners like to mark a place that was special to their pet – a favourite garden bench or a tree that always offered shelter on a sunny day. Memorial plaques and stones can be ordered from The Ralph Site Shop HERE and are available in a range of sizes and finishes, to suit all budgets.

Jewellery and keepsakes

If your pet has been cremated, you may wish to incorporate his or her ashes into a pendant, so that you can keep him or her close to your heart at all times.
Or if you have a lock of your pet’s fur, a silver locket provides a discreet place to keep this safe.
Perhaps you would like to take a cast of your beloved friend’s paw prints? Easy to use kits make it easy to capture their unique impression.

However you choose to memorialise your friend, you’ll be paying a fitting tribute to the bond you shared, and ensuring that their spirit lives on in some small way in addition to those special memories locked inside your heart and mind.

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