I had been nursing my baby through chronic pancreatitis over …

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I had been nursing my baby through chronic pancreatitis over the last 9 months and last week he lost the fight. I had him for nearly 15 years. He was the most gentle, loving little man ever. My heart is truly broken. I have had a portrait of him commissioned, photos framed and taken his paw prints to keep him with me. When he comes home it will be in a curled up cat so he can sit in his favourite place in the hearth by the log burner. I will open heart one day to another but right now I need to spend some time in my grief but also without worry as I have worried every time I stepped out the front door as I didn’t want to leave him alone 😿😿

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Thank you for this article, it hit the nail on the head for me. I couldn’t hurt anymore if I had lost a human. My home feels dead without my baby, he was my reason to come home and now I don’t have that. He has been by my side for nearly 15 years through lots of ups and downs but he was the constant, my barometer that everything would be ok and now I’ve lost that.
Work are totally unsympathetic treating me like some outcast!
I am getting support from a therapist and my family but these articles are a great help, thanks.