So true. Everything you said is so true and …

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So true. Everything you said is so true and painful.

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Anxiety after pet loss
Just lost my Lex. He was a neurotic cat, but I loved him so much. The hardest part is trying to detach from thinking he is still here. All the sounds he used to make. I’ll miss him greeting me at the door when I came home.

The worst part is that after my ginger cat died, everyone was devastated, including Lex.

The difference now is that Lex is gone, so there is nothing to quell my mind, nor is there another pet to devote my time to.

This was a particularly devastating loss. I mean, they all suck, but there is no one to greet me at the door. No loud meowing. No more feeding or cleaning the litter. I miss all those things already.

I’m trying to control the panic attacks by meditating. It does help. Breathwork helps to calm your central nervous systems. I’m hoping I feel better in the next week or two.

This emptiness is killer. Coming to terms with it is so difficult. I know I will recover, but I will never forget.