Animals in the news this month (June 2017)

In the last week of every month we take a look back at the crazy creatures and amazing animals that have made the headlines in recent weeks. Here’s a reminder of what June’s headlines told us about some of the animals that share our planet:

Koalas facing extinction in some Australian states

The World Wildlife Fund issued warnings this month that as a result of increased deforestation and livestock attacks the koala population could be wiped out in some of the country’s Eastern states. Queensland has already seen a 53% drop in numbers, with New South Wales reporting a 26% decline. Increasingly, animal welfare organisations are handling cases of animals fatally injured as a result of horses and cattle biting and stamping on them. Part of the problem appears to be the fact that many koalas are spending more time on the ground, as their natural forest habitat is removed by commercial logging.
Fortunately the Australian government has announced new funding for koala conservation projects, in a bid to drive population numbers back up in the worst affected areas.

#dogsatpollingstations returns!

With this month’s general election came the return of a national institution – social media posts of dogs waiting outside at polling stations whilst their humans vote. The Electoral Commission’s rules state that dogs can actually enter the polling station in an ‘accompanying’ role, but they have to be kept on a lead at all times and must not ‘disrupt’ the vote. In fact, most canines are left outside on election days, with their patience / handsomeness / napping / comedy bored faces (*delete as appropriate!) captured on camera and posted online for admiration by the public. There are no firm rules on the attendance of other animals, but this year a number of horses were also snapped waiting outside as their riders voted.

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