Best Friends Forever: A book about practical steps and wisdom to ease pet loss

In Best Friends Forever, Debbie McLeod weaves together her own reflections on pet loss with real-life stories and poems collected from bereaved pet carers. The book is a powerful, practical guide that combines compassionate thoughts of loss with easy-to-grasp concepts aimed to help you process your grief and move through feelings that you might be […]

Tips for Nervous Pets on Bonfire Night

Many pet owners dread this time of year – as bangs, cracks and whizzes from the night sky terrorise their frightened pets. If that sounds familiar, you may find these practical tips and recommended products useful for both you and your pet in the week ahead! Now, in the days before Bonfire Night, start letting […]

Things that go bump in the night!

With Halloween and Bonfire Night almost upon us, we thought it would be useful to take a look at some practical tips to help your pets stay calm amidst the inevitable bangs and whizzes that are all too common at this time of year. Outdoor pets are more exposed to the sights and sounds of […]

Sleep disruption from grief

As members of The Ralph Site community, sadly each of you knows about bereavement all too well. One commonly experienced symptom of loss is the disruption of normal sleeping patterns. So we thought it might be useful to look at how this might manifest itself, and more importantly, suggest things you can try in order […]