Thanks so much, Catherine. Gosh, you’re right about resilience! I …

Comment on Loving a reactive dog means grieving the dog you thought you would have by Emma Heasman.

Thanks so much, Catherine. Gosh, you’re right about resilience! I didn’t realise I could keep bouncing back like this and just keep learning. I think our reactive dogs will turn out to be some of the best teachers we ever have in life. Still, I’m sorry that your dreams of train trips to the coast together aren’t possible. It’s tough but you’re doing a great job x

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Writing your pet loss grief
I’m glad you liked the article, Jill, and I hope you find it helpful. I have been a bit slack with my own daily writing but I feel like it’s something I want to get back to because it really is a good outlet. Do let me know how you get on – I’m always hanging around in The Ralph Site Facebook group. Wishing you the very best and much love to your beautiful Dylan.

Stone, More Than ‘Just’ a Cat
Dear Yvonne

I am so, so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain and I would never wish it on anyone.

Stone had to be sedated at the end too – the vet said she always does this as she didn’t want our last memory to be of Stone struggling. It does still haunt me that the sedative seemed to make her nauseous as first. She struggled to her feet to gag and I hate to think that feeling sick was one of her last sensations. Fortunately, the wave of nausea then passed and she relaxed as the sedative took hold. This gave us all the final peaceful moments that I described.

Stone’s been gone 15 months now and it still hurts beyond words, but the feeling has changed – like a pebble in my shoe that I’ve learned to walk with instead of it bringing me to my knees. It will be the same for you, I’m sure, but it’s early days.

I hope that you are able to move past the trauma at the end of her life to celebrate the joy of 21 and a half beautiful years together. If Petula is anything like Stone, I bet she only ever knew a life full of love, warmth and security at the heart of her family. That’s what I tell myself – Stone never had to be afraid, she was never alone, never hungry, always loved. I bet Petula fought at the end because she would have given anything to stay if she could, even if it meant suffering to be with you. And because you would never let her suffer, you found the strength to say goodbye.

If only they could stay with us forever.
Take care.
Emma x